Jul. 12th, 2008

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Bella looks a little bit perkier this morning. I got her up and took her out for a pee around 4 am--I've been mixing quite a bit of water into her food, so I figured she might need to go. Also, she's stiff, so once she lies down, she tends not to move much. After four hours lying on one side, I thought it would be good to rotate her.

When we went out this morning, she perked up when she saw the cat and a bird. Then Belle next door came out (Bella could see her through the fence), and Bella started moving towards her like she wanted to go and play. There's life in the old girl yet.

She still grunts when going up stairs, but she's walking faster. She even managed a trot a couple of times. And she snarfed back a watered-down patty for breakfast--there's definitely nothing wrong with her appetite.

9:30 am: 39.3C

1:30 pm: 38.9C Yay! That puts her in the range of "normal."

The vet clinic called this morning to see how she was, and I asked about metacam. The vet I spoke to was a different one (I think she's an older woman who owns the business), and she seems to think that the underlying cause of all this is pyometra, a uterine infection. She didn't want Bella to have metacam because it might mask some symptoms. Oddly, she simultaneously implied that keeping Bella intact was a bad thing to do because it increased the risk of pyometra and that the most important thing to protect was not Bella but the viability of her uterus so that she could be bred in the future. O_o


The vet that actually saw Bella was of the opinion that pyometra was unlikely in a such young dog and that it was more or less ruled out by the x-ray and lack of discharge.

The vet I talked to today was going through her chart and told me that Bella had been tested for Lyme disease when she went in last week for her vaccination. It came back negative, but she'd put a note in saying that she should have a snap test in three weeks' time to make sure. I don't think Lyme is particularly common around here--I've only seen a tick once or twice in my life--but it would be good to make sure.

So one vet thinks it's pyometra, the other vet thinks it's lepto, Liz thinks it's a passing virus like Bounty seemed to have, and Carolee--who is PADOC's equivalent of Toller-L's Deena Mottola--thinks it's all the fault of the vaccination. That's a lot of opinions, and any one of them could be right. I'm just glad that, whatever it is, Bella seems to be getting better.
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Jim and I just took Bella out for a short walk to the park and back. She's not her normally bouncy self yet, but she's moving much better. She can make it up a few stairs without any help, and she doesn't struggle to get up after she's been lying down and asleep for a while. Yesterday, she was quite stiff, and just standing for any length of time was an effort.

She's also much more interested in what's going on around her. While on the walk, she wandered into a neighbour's open garage to look around and then came trotting (trotting!) back to me when I called her. Things are looking up.

Jim and the boys are going up to the cottage tomorrow. I think I'll stay here with Bella for another day and see how she does, and then maybe drive up with her on Monday. The hill from the cottage down to the lake is quite steep in places, so I want her to be mobile enough to tackle it and pain-free enough to be carried up if she gets tired. I'll also bring her lifejacket so that she can go swimming without over-exerting herself.
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Bella just keeps doing better and better as the day goes on. I took her out for a second walk this afternoon, and she trotted along beside me almost the entire time. Towards the end, she even broke out into a run.

We left her in the backyard with the boys to go grocery shopping, and when we got home she greeted us with a big smile. She ran in circles around us and jumped off and back on to the front porch a couple of times. Considering that she was having trouble even walking up a single step yesterday, that's pretty good. She still has a little residual stiffness, but she looks like Bella again. Thank GOD. I will sleep better tonight, I can tell you.

8:15 pm: 38.4C Even lower!


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