Sep. 14th, 2009

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Liz's grand old lady, Tidy (Can CH Kare's Ocean Tide CDX WC JH) died very suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday morning. I'd taken Nick out to Pat's for an obedience lesson on Saturday afternoon, and Pat told me the news. Liz had let all of her dogs out that morning, and when she called them in for breakfast a few minutes later, Tidy didn't come. Liz found her in the back yard, lying peacefully on her side in the grass, already gone. She'd shown no signs of being ill, and she didn't appear to have any injuries or to have eaten anything suspicious. The vet said the best guess was that her heart gave out.


Sleep well, old girl. You'll be missed.
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Bella's nine-TBD panel came back last week--everything was negative. We're still waiting for confirmation on the lepto test, but I just can't imagine that she caught lepto two years in a row. Yes, it's endemic here, but it's not THAT common.

There are some TBDs that haven't been identified, so it's possible that she has some weird strain of Rickettsia that doesn't show up on the tests. I'm keeping her on doxy for at least another week in case that's what's going on.

So we're no further ahead in figuring out what's making her sick. The only link between the two illnesses at the moment is that she was having a false pregnancy both times.

Argh! I was hoping that something would come back positive so that it could be definitively treated and forgotten.


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