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Here on a quick trip back from the cottage for MiddleJim's soccer game. Bella's doing great and she loves the cottage. She and Katie have been playing tag with each other and jumping off the dock to retrieve sticks. Bella hasn't quite figured out that she's supposed to bring the stick back to me and drops them all in a particularly inaccessible place on shore as soon as she stops to shake.

Bella also got to go on her first motor boat ride yesterday. She was a little alarmed at first, but settled in as soon as she saw that Katie didn't mind the noisy engine. The boys like to go across the lake to the "jumping rocks," where they can jump anywhere from a couple of feet to about 30 feet into a deep part of the lake. There's not much of a shoreline there, so people have to climb back into the boat using the prop of the motor as a step. Everyone laughed at the bright orange lifejacket that Bella was wearing, but its usefulness became apparent when it was time to haul the dogs back into the boat: it has two handles on the back (which was partly why I bought it). Getting Bella in the boat was easy; getting Katie, who weighs more, especially when she's wet (she's an unusually furry border collie), was a lot harder. Score one for the funny-looking lifejacket!

There was a message waiting for me from the vet: the urine culture came back negative, and the lepto DNA test was also negative. So, it wasn't a kidney or bladder infection, and it wasn't lepto. I'll bring her back in a couple of weeks for a repeat Lyme test. If that's negative, well, we may never know what kind of infection she had. The important thing is that she's back to her normal, bouncy, happy self.


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