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I'm a pretty open-hearted person. Some people would probably call me naive. Actually, come to think of it, probably a lot of people would. I'm no saint, but I'm generally honest, strive to be a kind and good person, and try to see the best in people. There are very few people in this world that I truly dislike. With the exception of, say, Paul Bernardo, there's almost no one I'd ever want to hurt in any way. I've been involved in many different activities with many different groups of people, and I consistently play the role of Switzerland. Some people take pride in being a bitch. I take pride in not being one.

Several people have expressed surprise and concern about the openness of this journal. This comes as a surprise to me. After all, it's not a journal about religion or politics or sordid sexual practices; it's a journal about a dog. I could cheerfully burble about Bella all day long because I adore her, but no one wants to listen to that. So I put it in writing instead. That way, nobody has to read it unless they choose to.

I do mention the people and dogs that I meet on my journey with Bella, but never in a critical way. I get excited about Bella's successes in shows and trials, and I get depressed when we're not as successful. I know she's not the perfect Toller (which one is?), but I like to try things with her, and I want to do everything we try as well as we can.

I don't want to be perceived as boastful, and I don't want people to interpret anything I write as a slam on anyone or their dogs. That is never my intention. Perhaps I sometimes choose the wrong words, or perhaps it's naive to think that everyone understands that I share stories about Bella, and occasionally about other people that I know, because I delight in them.

In any event, I've decided to make this journal less public. Most entries are now friends-locked, which means you'll need to make a LiveJournal of your own and add me to your Friends' List if you want to read it. I've waffled about doing this, and I'm not hiding anything. I just want to feel more secure in the knowledge that I'm not inadvertently upsetting anyone.

If you want to read more Bella burbling than the average human can stand, leave a comment on this post, tell me who you are, and I'll friend you back.
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