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Click on the "illness" tag to the left and read the entries about Bella's mystery fever last summer.

She's doing it again.

I got up last night around 4 am and noticed that she didn't seem like her usual self. I took her temperature and it was higher than normal. By this morning, it was 40.1C, so I took her into the vet as soon as the office opened. Everything is the same as last year: fever, lethargy, stiffness, slight anaemia, white blood cell count normal, liver and kidney function normal. No sign of pyometra. No other symptoms.

The vet started her on amoxycillin again, sent blood off to test for lepto, and ran a Snap 4DX for TBD. The lepto test takes a couple of weeks, but the Snap test was negative for everything. I thought the fever was vaccinosis last year because she'd had a parvo/distemper booster several days earlier, but she hasn't had any vaccinations since then. She's having another false pregnancy like she also did last year, but false pregnancies shouldn't cause a fever.

I stayed home to watch her today. She seems slightly more bright eyed now than this morning, but she's stiffer and her fever is higher (40.4C). Last year, she started getting better about 24 hours after going on the antibiotics. I hope the same is true for this year.

I hate this.
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