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I spoke to the vet yesterday, and Bella doesn't have lepto. Again. So, again, we still don't know what made her sick. ::sigh:: The vet spoke to another vet who specializes in pathology, and this vet didn't think the cause was likely to be a TBD. If she'd had Lyme either time, it would have been taken care of by the antibiotics, but in any case, her Lyme test has been negative three times. So has Erlichia. It could still be some untestable form of Rickettsia, but Bella's current doxy regime should take care of it. I had asked about doing titers for TBDs, but they're very expensive (about $100 for each one). The doxy should be taking care of them too, if they're there, so I think I'll pass on them for now.

The other possibilities are low-grade metritis and some kind of low-grade autoimmune disorder. Since whatever it is is only expressing itself in with fever and stiffness and then disappearing after a few days, there's no obvious way to test for whatever it is at the moment. The only thing to do at the moment is finish the course of doxy, wait for Bella to come into heat again, and see what happens.
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