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Bella continues to act as if she were never sick, and I expect that's the way it will go until next time, if there is a next time. The nine-TBD DNA panel came back with everything negative, of course. ::sigh:: I joined Tick-L and put the mystery before them. One person suggested doing a a Protatek titer panel because it may be better than DNA tests for picking up low-grade or chronic infections. Another person from Toller-L suggested doing the ANA test because it's not expensive and it might yield a positive result. It's also been suggested that Bella's current dose of doxy is not aggressive enough: she needs more and to take it for longer than two weeks to blast anything that might be lurking in her system. I'm taking Bella and Nick into the vet's tomorrow to be microchipped (Bella doesn't have one, and Nick's chip isn't CKC-approved) and to have blood drawn from Bella for her second lepto titer, so I'll talk to the vet about those ideas then. The younger of the two vets is pretty open to taking suggestions from me because she knows I'm in touch with a lot of Toller breeders and owners.

I'm starting to feel really poor!

I'm also feeling a bit overextended at the moment. I have to readjust my schedule so that I can do the things I most want to do with both Bella and Nick. I think there's only one more agility lesson after this week, and I'm not going to continue over the winter. I like it, but I'm more interested in obedience and retrieving at the moment, plus I now have two dogs to show (or at least I will once Nick is registered with the CKC), and there's only so much time and money to go around. Nick has PADOC obedience classes on Monday nights, followed by a handling class if enough people show up (Bella will go to that too). Wednesday is members' night, which is Bella's night because Nick isn't really trained enough to do much there. I need to spend time training both dogs on other evenings--Nick has a lot to learn, period, and Bella needs remedial work on heeling. I also want to continue to do what retrieving I can while the warmth and light last. I'm going to thaw a duck out this weekend for the two of them.

I've entered Bella in the Port Hope show on October 2 and 3. She still has her coat, but she's starting to shed, so I hope she hangs onto it for a little while longer. I was kind of hoping for a small entry (say, Bella and Riley :-), but it turns out that quite a few people are going. One of them is Kim--her first show with Hazyl! We're going to drive down together. So it may be a wash, points-wise, for Bella, but it'll be fun seeing lots of different folks.

The Ontario Club is holding a fun field day on October 4, so I'll take both Bella and Nick to that (another reason to get a duck out this weekend!). I'm really looking forward to that--it should be good fun.


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